Ms. Neera Kanojia Cambridge Head

Perspective from Leader

As the leader of Summer Fields International, Delhi, I’m proud to share our institution’s remarkable journey. Founded in 1953, we have built a distinguished legacy spanning seven decades as a leading CBSE school. Our association with the renowned KR Mangalam group and our strategic decision to align with the Cambridge International curriculum, starting from the Early Years, have been instrumental in shaping our educational approach.

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to create a dynamic, pragmatic, and inclusive learning environment, where we equip our students with the skills and knowledge essential for success in today’s rapidly evolving world. My 17-year collaboration with Cambridge has deepened our appreciation for the immense potential of the Cambridge curriculum and the comprehensive support it offers to educational institutions like ours.

Our institution is driven by the values encapsulated in our motto: LIFE, LIGHT, and Love. We emphasize the importance of living life to its fullest, radiating positivity and inspiration, and spreading love and kindness throughout our journey. These principles guide our educational philosophy and imbue our students with a holistic perspective on life and learning.

We firmly believe in celebrating the individuality of each student, ensuring that they can thrive in their unique ways. Our vision is to offer a global platform while honouring our rich Indian values, thus preparing our students to become global citizens with a strong cultural foundation.
In the current academic year, our thematic focus centers on Multiculturalism, a concept that seamlessly integrates into every aspect of our institution. We take immense pride in being recognized as an Inclusive Cambridge school, where we wholeheartedly embrace diversity and cultivate an environment in which every student is cherished, respected, and embraced.

One particularly exciting addition to our academic landscape is the Cambridge Early Years program. This meticulously crafted, child-centered approach has been on our radar since 2019 when our pre-primary team engaged with Cambridge School. The program’s emphasis on subjects like understanding the world and Personal, Social, and Emotional (PSE) development perfectly aligns with our mission to shape the character of young learners from their earliest years. We firmly believe that this program not only paves a unique pathway for the growth of young minds but also provides a well-researched and nurturing foundation for their development. It brings us great pleasure to be part of this transformative journey with the Cambridge Early Years program, which harmonizes with our commitment to holistic and globally-oriented education.


Ms. Neera Kanojia
Cambridge Head